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Distortions in Aid Allocation of United Nations Flash Appeals: Evidence from the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, 2020, World Development, 136 (105023) (with Vera Z. Eichenauer, Andreas Fuchs, and Eric Strobl). [Link]

Working Papers

Disastrous Discretion: Ambiguous Decision Situations Foster Political Favoritism, 2021, KOF Working Papers, 491 (with Stephan A. Schneider). [Link]

Living on the Stormy Side - Storm Surge and Distribution of Coastal Population, 2021 (with Eric Strobl)

Work in Progress

Sectoral Flood Impacts in Europe - Insights from a new Spatial Sectoral GDP Dataset (with Aurélien Saussay and Leonie Wenz).

Analyzing the Effectiveness of Emergency Aid from Outer Space (with Vera Z. Eichenauer and Andreas Fuchs).

Choosing the right spot? Natural Disaster Risk Exposure of Colonial Settlers (with Johannes Matzat).

Subnational Growth Effects of Tropical Cyclones (with Leonie Wenz).